June 25

New Markets To Tap

As a licensed real estate agent in Peachtree City, GA. and soon to be Miami, FL. I’m always trying to stay on top of the latest trends. I ran across a great article written by Richard Westlund, a freelance writer in Miami for Florida Realtor Magazine. I think he really nailed this one. Needless to […]

June 21

/strong>The Man Behind The Webs Most Controversial Video Site.

Have you ever wondered who writes all the crazy stuff on the most controversial website out there? I don’t care for it, not my cup a tea. But a lot of others, meaning millions view it everyday, and that’s how he became so famous and wealthy doing it, and I have say, anytime a company […]

Be vigilant about protecting sensitive client data with these tools

I wrote an article not long ago about protecting our personal and sensitive important information. As some of you are well, aware once your data is out there, it’s out there. From the first click of the “check out now” button, you are being traced, watched and analyzed. From how much you spend, where you […]

Feet on the ground in Bagdad

Authors name is kept anonymous. This came from a very reliable source. Gents, thought you might want to hear from the front. Just returned from Baghdad day before yesterday checking on my folks. This is as current and objective as I have seen to date. The current situation in Baghdad is best described as tense. […]

The Internet Is Full. Who has all of the IP Addresses

With the Americas running out of IPv4, it’s official: The Internet is full Where did all those IP addresses go? Originally posted by Iljitsch van Beijnum – NETWORKING THE WEB 168 In April, ARIN, the (North) American Registry for Internet Numbers, announced that it had reached “phase 4” of its IPv4 countdown plan, with fewer […]

June 13

Watch this guy in a Samurai suit do amazing and insane soccer trick!

This is awesome, you will want to watch this. Originally posted on Nissan Group Click Here


Have you ever done something in your life for a very long time, but still have that nagging feeling that’s there’s more or you’re missing something. Then one day you do or hear something that just clicks in the brain, and suddenly, it all comes together in harmony. Then, you look back and say, how […]